21/07/2021Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon

We have always worked side by side with athletes and this is why we are immensely proud to announce our new partnership with the Italian Federation of Modern Pentathlon. This is a new great opportunity for challenging and wonderful experience.

30/05/202188° CSIO Piazza di Siena 2021 - Maggio 2021 - Roma

An event that encompassed the true meaning of equestrian sport and that connect athletes of the entire world ... More info

04/04/2021Campionati Italiani di Salto - April 2021 - Le Siepi, Cervia.

The beginning of 2021 was characterised by our entry among the Fise partners. The collaboration with the FISE (Italian Equestrian Federation) saw us taking part in two important competitions: the Italian Jumping Championship, which we had the honour to title, and the great International event of Piazza di Siena.

A new starting point after a long period of standstill due to the pandemic situation ... More info


We have built our identity over the years on foundations accommodating two pillars: research and innovation.
For this reason we are happy to announce that our DeNiro Green will be presented as best practice at the Sustainable Innovation 2021, 23rd International Conference organised by the Centre for Sustainable Design at the UCA (University for the Creative Arts), UK.
The exploratory research edited by Sara Cavagnero, Ph.D. of the Northumbria University of Newcastle, offers a new perspective on accelerating sustainability in fashion, clothing, sportswear and accessories by turning the spotlight onto our product as an example of a successful innovation and experimentation process.
We would like to thank Sara for taking up the challenge of the DeNiro Green in the equestrian sector and also Jessica and Benjamin for being our partners in the development of this product. More info


At DeNiro's, 2021 is taking shape in the wake of significant changes and fruitful collaborations.
Deniro is Official Partner of the Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri (FISE, Italian Equestrian Federation).
Officially sponsoring the FISE represents a step forward in the company growth and vision that have already characterised recent years, with a focus on technical and stylistic product innovations, and on a careful selection of refined and original designs and customisations.
Such vision has always been guided by the love and attention we put on the natural habitat of our products: the equestrian sports.
For all these reasons, we are very proud to announce this partnership with such an adventure companion that shares our same passions. More info